New certification system starts practical tests

Proof of sustainable heat and power generation from biomass is gaining momentum - new certification system starts practical tests

Würzburg, 25.09.2019: On the occasion of the 19th conference of the German industry for wood energy in Würzburg, the SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES Verification Scheme GmbH ("SURE") announced the start of the practical operation for the certification of sustainable power and heat from biomass.

Since the beginning of the year, together with numerous industry associations and companies in the market, solutions have been developed for the proof of the upcoming sustainability requirements of the EU Directive 2018/2001/EC, the so-called "RED II", and translated into objectively measurable indicators.

"We are very pleased that our industry is aware of its responsibility and is proactively involved in implementing the RED II criteria. With SURE, we now have a certification system in the market that enables a practicable and credible implementation of the RED II in the wood energy sector ", comments Artur Auernhammer, Member of the Parliament and chairman of the German Bioenergy Association (BBE) the official start of the system. Now it is time to test the developed methodology in practice and to incorporate the experiences gained in the optimization of the system to enable the industry in time for the entry into force of the RED II in 2021 a proven and accepted proof of sustainability.

L-R Georg Reuss (Reuss Group), Helmut Hoffmann (Prolignis Gruppe), Thomas Siegmund (SURE), Julia Thalhammer (Prolignis Gruppe), Agnieszka Czypull (SURE) 

Numerous companies - from biomass producers, fuel processors and traders to biomass plant operators - have already expressed their interest in close cooperation in Würzburg and agreed to conduct pilot pilots with SURE.

The SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES Verification Scheme GmbH was founded in the spring of 2019 as a reaction of the industry to the forthcoming proof of sustainable power and heat generation from biomass and biogas from the European Biomass Association (Bioenergy Europe) and REDcert GmbH, one of the leading certification systems for sustainable biomass. Its goal is the recognition by the European Commission as an objective, transparent and robust certification system for the proof of sustainability according to RED II.


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