SURE has made significant progress with the development of the certification system for the implementation of the EU Directive 2018/2001/EC. In recent months, approaches for the verification of the RED II criteria have been developed and successfully tested in practice together with companies and associations from agriculture and forestry, as well as with operators of biomass plants.

SURE was supported by experienced and independent auditors, who carried out the inspection of the companies according to the SURE system principles and made important recommendations for optimizing the certification process. The pilot audits have shown that, with thorough preparation of economic operators, compliance with the SURE requirements can be practically demonstrated. Inadequacies in the companies were also identified, which will need to be corrected by them in order to comply with the SURE system.

At the same time, the Technical Committee started its work and is advising SURE on questions concerning the technical implementation of the certification criteria and further development of the system. In the future, the tasks of the Technical Committee will also include the recognition of risk assessments on the sustainability of forestry biomass production in the SURE system.

SURE is well on track to completing the certification system in time for the start of the EU recognition process for RED II. This also means that the certification system will start regular practical operations. Registration for participating in the SURE system will soon be possible for interested economic operators and certification bodies.

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