Shareholders' Assembly

The Shareholders' Assembly is formed by two partners - Bioenergy Europe A.I.S.B.L. and REDcert GmbH - who have jointly taken up the challenge of creating an independent and verifiable verification system for the sustainable production and use of solid biomass and biogas. They contribute their individual competences and strengths to this end. 

The Shareholders’ Assembly formulates the company’s strategic and economic goals but does not influence the operation of the SURE certification scheme, thus eliminating any conflict of interests. Their responsibilities are defined in the company by-laws.

Each shareholder is represented by three persons, representing economic operators in the area of biomass production, trade, processing and conversion to final energy, both for biomass combustion plants and biogas plants. The Shareholdes have a high level of expertise in sustainability certification as required in the Directive 2018/2001 (EU).

 Bioenergy Europe

Bioenergy Europe is the voice of European bioenergy. With members from over 40 countries, it has been a stable companion for the interests of bioenergy stakeholders for thirty years. Bioenergy Europe is committed to the sustainability of the biomass markets driven by its knowledge of the requirements and developments of the sector. The organization develops proposals for a transparent proof of sustainability through its committees, evaluating the methodological approach of the SURE-system to make recommendations for the practical implementation of SURE.

The representatives of Bioenergy Europe in the Shareholders' Assembly are:

  • Michael Doran (Chairman)

    Irish BioEnergy Association IrBEA

  • Vilma Gaubyte

    Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association LITBIOMA

  • Hannes Tuohiniitty

    The Bioenergy Association of Finland


REDcert was founded in 2010 to demonstrate the sustainability of biofuels and bioliquids within the framework of the first Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EU). More than 1,300 system participants in 25 countries make REDcert one of the leading global certification systems. As a certification system recognized by the EU, REDcert contributes its many years of expertise and experience to SURE.

The representatives of REDcert in the Shareholders' Assembly are:

  • Gerolf Bücheler

    German Bioenergy Association BBE

  • Udo Hemmerling

    German Farmer Association DBV

  • Dr. Stefan Rauh

    German Biogas Association FvB

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