The Technical Committee serves the dialogue with important stakeholders (i.g. economic operators) and advises the SURE-System in all questions concerning the technical implementation of the RED II criteria. It consists of up to 15 independent industry representatives and their deputies from the three groups:

  • Biomass cultivation
  • Fuel production and trade and
  • Biomass plant operation

The Technical Committee provides the answers on how the requirements should be verified and controlled within the market as well as overcoming hurdles presented by specific technologies and the approach in resolving them. The Technical Committee is also the body that validates the SURE system documentation and methodology revised by a broad group of experienced economic operators.

The functioning of the Committee is laid down in rules of procedure which shall also take into account potential conflicts and their resolution. SURE consults the Technical Committee before taking decisions which fall within the competence of the Technical Committee and shall justify to the shareholders any decisions which have been taken against the Committee’s recommendations.

The members of the Committee require in-depth knowledge and technical and professional experience in all the economic sectors covered by the certification scheme and shall be familiar with the rules of the SURE-EU scheme and other sector-specific certification schemes (e.g. quality management, environmental management, energy management).

The members of the SURE Technical Committee are among others:

  • Piotr Borkowski - European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) AISBL
  • Irene Carrascón - ENCE Energía y Celulosa, S.A
  • Dominique Dejonckheere – COPA-COGECA
  • Rens Hartkamp - BiomassConsult
  • Fanny-Pomme Langue - Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)
  • Mario Klobucar - Croatian Forests Ltd
  • Anna-Liisa Myllynen - Stora Enso
  • Péter Rudolf – Veolia Environnement S.A.
  • Rainer Schrägle - TECHNOLOGICA GmbH
  • Andrius Smaliukas – BALTPOOL UAB
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