About SURE

We at SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES Verification Scheme (SURE), live and breathe sustainability.

Our mission is to ensure sustainable and responsible use of biomass within the energy sector to protect the climate. According to the principles of the EU Renewable Energy Directive II (Directive 2018/2001/EU, short: RED II) as a voluntary certification system, we have defined verifiable criteria for the production of electricity and heat from solid biomass and biogas, which are regularly monitored by independent auditors.

Our principles correspond to the idea of "closed-loop" recycling and take into account the minimum efficiencies of biogas and biomass plants. This includes the conservation of biodiversity in agriculture and forestry, the protection of natural forests to further that of near-natural forest management as well as the resource-saving use of waste and residual materials.

Greenhouse gas emissions are recorded and balanced along the entire supply chain in order to achieve a minimum saving of 70 percent compared to that of fossil fuels. The energetic use of forestry biomass is only permissible once proven that it does not emit more CO2 than is simultaneously absorbed by other biomass in defined regions.

Only those who fully meet all the criteria are entitled to use the SURE seal for the sustainable and responsible use of biomass.



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